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Chipotle – The struggle is real.

Chipotle has experienced its share of ups and downs and recently, more downs. Not only did Chipotle have to quality check all of…

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Why are long hours accepted at ad agencies?

For some reason, work life balance at ad agencies is never a topic of serious discussion. It gets passed over with comments like,…

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Interviewing 101

  Breaking into an ad agency in the concrete jungle is no easy feat, but not an impossible one. It's actually very similar…

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Tips On How To Survive The Agency Life

Whether it is an Ad, Media, Creative, whatever Agency, there is a shared struggle. Here are tips to survive this once eager career…

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Inclusive Culture – Is it possible?

2016 has been a year of scandal for some of the largest ad agencies in the world. CEO's and high level executives are all getting the pink slip after years of sexist and hostile comments towards coworkers. How can such things go unnoticed when Ad Agencies are supposed to be the north star of company culture and inclusiveness? As an outsider looking in, I've always been told stories about the amazing inclusive culture at Ad Agencies. Friends have shared that people actually like each other and go to happy hours and shows and volunteering etc. However... An Inclusive Culture does not equal the "beer test."  An inclusive culture isn't about whether or not you can go get a beer with a coworker and have a good time. Of course that is a bonus, but it's about hiring people and growing a team of individuals who share similar values and truly accept one another's differences. It almost sounds like a fairy tale told by President Obama…

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Big change for Subway’s Creative AOR

Subway, Eat Fresh! Becoming a large brand's AOR is no easy feat especially when the company has millions in yearly advertising spend. So it goes to say that once you become an AOR for any large brand, you do whatever you can to maintain that relationship. Unfortunately that did not go to plan according to Agency Spy. BBDO New York was the coveted creative AOR for Subway but unfortunately Subway has parted ways at least for now. Read more about it here... http://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/bbdo-new-york-is-no-longer-subways-creative-aor/118351  

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Can Ad Agencies compete with Tech Firms for talent?

The most valuable asset at any company is the talented staff that drives the business. This is especially true for Ad Agencies that have to constantly deliver the most creative and innovative ideas to their clients. If they can't recruit and retain the best and the brightest, they'll deliver second class work. So how are agencies handling the recent battle for talent with tech startups? That is the million dollar answer which I don't believe agencies can answer right now. Tech startups are known to focus on employees' retention and engagement which empowers their employees to keep pushing the boundaries of their respective fields. It's something agencies have to accept they struggle with before they can even begin to rebuild their notorious image of constant turnover, long hours, and unhappy workers.  Read more! http://www.wsj.com/articles/tech-firms-pull-talent-away-from-ad-agencies-1432985402

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Clients demand more diversity at agencies

Clients must have had enough bad press from their agencies of record. More and more news have been surfacing detailing racial and sexist remarks from agency executives and finally, clients want some change. Coca-Cola and General Mills are just two of many corporations demanding a more diverse workforce at their agency partners to represent the diverse demographic of customers they target. http://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/verizon-is-the-latest-client-to-demand-more-diversity-from-its-agencies/117921  

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Man defrauds agencies for millions!

How can Ad Agencies not see through this person's fake contracts? Was it greed that clouded their vision? We feel for all the people that lost their jobs because this one person's greed. http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/ad-strategist-sentenced-5-7-years-prison-faking-269-million-client-contracts-172046

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